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I provide LinkedInsight to professionals and businesses looking to raise their online presence.


About Me

Ben Bradbury used LinkedIn to establish his brand and business, and now wants to show you, too.

He’s the VP Marketing for Glisser, an event technology start-up on a mission to turn presentations into conversations. Having begun by running their international events, he’s now helping them scale internationally, recently moving from London to New York.

After one of his posts went accidentally viral, Ben’s eyes were opened to the power of LinkedIn. 2017 was the year he started taking it seriously. In the months that followed, Ben's LinkedIn has amassed a following of over 7,000 relevant professionals, the content he creates for clients is viewed by millions every month, and was recently ranked #4 on the Gentleman’s LinkedIn Influencer 2018 Watchlist, after Gary Vaynerchuk.

His presence on LinkedIn has led to speaking, podcast and press opportunities, too many job offers to count, and a healthy stream of leads for Glisser to boot. And now, Ben wants to share the proven systems he used to achieve these results with you!

What Others Say About Me:

“I turned to Ben for help with my social media engagement and traffic. He came up with some brilliant ideas, was very personable and got me results....FAST! I cannot recommend him highly enough.”
— Sam Adams, Wellness Entrepreneur
“I envy Ben’s ability to make digital marketing strategy simple. He provides step-by-step guidance, as well as actionable strategy to ensure you can execute effectively well into the future.”
— Steph Slack, Legal CSR Consultant
“I have had the pleasure of working with Ben to learn more about LinkedIn posting and content engagement. I have benefitted greatly from his knowledge of social media engagement and traffic since we connected.

He has shared a number of brilliant ideas that have helped to boost my content views and engagement on LinkedIn significantly.”
— Drew Bumbak, Emergency Executive Manager