Ben Bradbury

For 6 years, I dreamt of becoming a Copywriter. Within 6 weeks of starting my first job, that dream was gone.

I still love writing, but knew I wanted to do more than just put pen to paper. I wanted to make an impact. 

I understand that starting your career can be a scary thought, and that, like it was for me, getting your first job can be a stressful process. I'm here to change that for you. 

I want to help you start your working life with a bang. Whether it's supporting you with Damn Straight Careers Advice or finding you meaningful work in great companies with Yelephant, I'm here to help you see your career for the amazing opportunity it is.

If you're just getting started with your career, let's chat. No fee, no strings attached. I'm here to help.


Ben is a talented marketer, whose insights helped me see new opportunities for business growth. Beyond that, he is a real pleasure to work with.
— Carsten Pleiser
I envy Ben’s ability to make digital marketing strategy simple. He provides step-by-step guidance, as well as actionable strategy to ensure you can execute effectively well into the future.
— Steph Slack
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“I couldn’t think of anyone better equipped to help soon-to-be graduates navigate the tricky waters of post University employment. Ben is relentless in his pursuit to serve others and his experience working with startups and his passion for making a difference make him the perfect guide to help you nail your dream job.”
— Mark Leruste, Founder & Host of The Unconventionalists

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